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Once Upon a Murder (6 players)
Once Upon a Murder (6 players)
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 A Bad Vintage (10 players) 

The owners of the estate, Max and Demi Liter, regularly host wine tasting evenings which allow their guests to sample the latest bottlings and place orders ahead of the big conglomerates.

Unfortunately for the guests this evening, the vintage had more body thaen they were expecting. as Max Liter has been discovered dead in a vat of wine.

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 A Christmas Cracker Killing! (10 players) 
Fulfilling business tycoon Buster Kracker's final request, his wife Paula has invited all the guests Buster wished to be present to a final Christmas Party in his honour, including the local Chief Inspector. Unfortunately it appears the Chief Inspector is not off duty this evening, as he has arrived with terrible news. Buster Kracker did not die of natural causes. He was murdered, and one of the guests here is responsible.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 A Corporate Murder (10 players) 
Derek Terr, the Managing Director of Maiden Media is hosting a party at his mansion to celebrate a successful year. Unfortunately the magical entertainer he booked has dropped dead!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 A Mysterious Mayan Murder! (10 players) 
Doug Oles, a highly esteemed archeologist has called a preview dinner and invited celebrities and co-workers to a lecture in which he hopes to present a sensational new find.

However, at the pre-dinner drinks, tragedy strikes. Doug Oles is reported dead.

The question is, who killed him and why?

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 An Educational Execution (10 players) 
It's the annual staff party for the Kendrick Mansfield Primary School. A night for the staff to let down their hair, drink to excess, dance and sing karaoke without worrying about keeping up appearances in front of parents or their pupils.

However just before the final guest arrives, the unpopular deputy head, Ed Hunter is discovered dead in the hall outside.

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Another one bites the dust! (10 players) 
Freddy Neptune is tipped for a number of awards at the MVT music awards . However, just before the evening is due to begin, there is a scream and Cilla Queen, one of Freddy's long-term fans, runs into the room and announces to all that Freddy is dead!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Anyone for...murder? (10 players) 
Wollatonne Tennis Club is a traditional lawn tennis club in the heart of the beautiful English shire counties. The club has a nasty shock however when the veteran's team captain Barbie Doll is murdered, and strangely there is no shortage of suspects around the club!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Birthday Girl's Last Gasp! (10 pLayers) 
Carrie Oakey has been used to always getting what she wants, so she has no problem finding either friends, family or business associates for a ladies only dinner at a smart Italian restaurant in town. The only problem is - this time Carrie has got more then she bargained for!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Bump Off at the Barbecue (10 players) 
A neighbourly barbecue Downunder is rudely cut shot when the host, Willy Willy, is found dead in the kitchen - skewered through the heart! The invited guests, an intriguing mix of colourful local residents, have the task of solving the murder. Can they crack the case before the chicken gets cold?
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Death at Dodge City (10 players) 
It’s 1878. Lawlessness abounds in Kansas, especially around Dodge City, and when Assistant Marshall, Wyatt Twerp, is found dead in the back room of the ‘Variety’ saloon, the Sheriff needs to find some answers real quick!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Death at the Distillery (10 players) 
This afternoon the whisky baron of Glen Frick Whisky distillery, Toby Mory, was found in a vat full of his finest Malt! And he wasn't treading water while he sampled the latest batch - oh no! He was dead - murdered no less!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Death at the Double D Ranch (10 players) 

It's the old Wild West and local ranch owner, Dray Duncan, is holding his annual Barn Party Barbeque.

Just as the guests are arriving, poor Dray is found dead in the bunkhouse.

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Death of a Dallas Dynasty (10 players) 

Brock's son, Jay R. Ewein is dead!

One of the asembled guests must have done it, so the question is: who shot Jay R. and why?

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Dishonour on the RMS Gigantic (10 players) 
It is 1913 and once again the Blue Star Line's flagship finds itself at the centre of some controversy. It would be unreasonable to suggest that a stolen wedding anniversary present is in the same league as that messy business with an iceberg which befell the previous holder of such status, but nevertheless the thief must be caught!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Greased at the Diner (10 players) 
It's 1959 and things are rocking 'n' rolling at Dino's Diner tonight. Everyone is ready for a good time, good food and good music. However, just as the party is getting in full swing, Dino is discovered dead in his office.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Help!(10 players) 
It is 1970. The Bootles are the most successful band ever; they have shattered all records with their sell-out world tours, and sales of both albums and singles. Today, Paulo Fone, a senior figure in the Pear Corps has been found dead. Can one of the Bootles be responsible for his untimely demise?
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Mardi Gras Masquerade Murder! (10 players) 
Wealthy author and New Orleans resident, Louisiana Williams is throwing her annual Mardi Gras party. At least, she was throwing it... now she's dead!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Mayday, Mayday... Murder!(10 players) 

What started out as a routine flight to the Galapagos Islands ended in disaster when, as the result of unforeseen weather, the aircraft was forced to crash-land on an uncharted island.

Then things go from bad to worse when the passengers discover the captain has been murdered!

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Mayhem at the Movies! (10 players - all girl murder-less mystery) 
This week sees the release of the new blockbuster movie, ''Birthday Girl!'' and the star of the film, Cameron Dietz is holding a pre-release party to celebrate its launch. Unfortunately Cameron may have got more press coverage than she had hoped for, as the movie's priceless necklace has been stolen!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Midnight Malice (10 players) 
It is a dark and murky night in 1939. Count and Countess Nobbinovich are hosting their annual midnight supper at their grand estate on Nobbin Hill. To everyone's shock, their cook, Borstchta Tvarski, is found dead in the kitchen.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Montague Viper's: Death of Mr Big Nose (10 players) 

Some people said he had it coming. One might even say he couldn't help himself. It was yet another day full of arguments, threats and scuffles and finally, the inevitable has happened. Big Nose is dead.

By popular request a murder mystery for all you Monty Python Fans!

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder at Curst Mansion 10 players) 
It is the roaring-twenties and the famous millionaire William Curst is hosting another decadent evening at his infamous mansion. However, the festivities are soon cut short when a local journalist, Oscar Tame, is found dead on the Curst property!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder at Holdit City General (10 players) 
The staff at Holdit City General Hospital have been gathered together in the staff canteen. They've just been informed that Roger La Brat, the pharmacist, has been found dead in the patient's day room. What a bitter pill to swallow!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder at Merkister Hall (10 players) 
The guests have all arrived, the food is ready to be served, the party only lacked one thing, namely the butler Leversham who has been discovered dead, in the Billiard room!

With the butler murdered, the question everyone must answer is: who did it?

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder in the Dark (10 players) 
Honor Slab, popular resident of a quiet suburb in Beverly Hills has invited her local friends and neighbours to an informal party at her home. The drinks are flowing and the party is in full swing when suddenly Honor is discovered dead in the bathroom - and not just dead, but brutally murdered.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder in the Med (10 players) 
All aboard the MV Tipanic for Murder in the Med! Stew Driver the Fourth Engineer has been found dead in the cruise liner's swimming pool.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder on the Disorientated Express (10 players) 
The Disorientated Express, probably one of the most luxurious trains in the world, is always fully booked. The train has excelled in reliability and punctuality over the years, but today all that is about to change. A famous rocket designer known as Werner Von Black, has been discovered in his sleeping compartment - dead.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder on the Ghost Train (10 players) 
Don Breathin, owner of the popular theme park "The Frightening Fair" has been found dead - on board his very own ghost train no less!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder on the Nile (10 players) 
Lady Carmathen has been found dead on a cruise to celebrate a successful archaeological expedition funded by her husband. Who killed her?
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder Rehearsed (10 players) 
The auditions are over, the cast selected. The Burnton Barnstormers are about to start the first rehearsal when the body of the show’s director, local bank manager Red E Cash, is discovered covered in blood, face down in a props basket with a gaping wound on his head!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder Within Tent (10 players) 
During the day, the campers arrive and set up their tents and it soon becomes obvious that apart from one other tent that was already up before they arrived, they are the only ones staying at the site. As night falls, one of the lady campers visits this lone tent and makes a grisly discovery - inside the tent is the dead body of a woman!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Murder, Mayhem and Moonshine (10 players) 
The year is 1929. It’s the era of Prohibition and Chicago is divided by gang warfare.
Buns Meringue, notorious leader of the Northside Gang is found lying in a pool of blood in an alleyway outside the Rexington Hotel. He is riddled with bullets.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Once Upon a Murder (10 players) 
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...but no! Humpty didn’t fall. He was pushed!

Which of these familiar fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters is the perpetrator? Can you solve this scrambled case?
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Putting on the Blitz! (10 players) 
In the temporary Council offices at the Cliff Hotel lies a conundrum; the dead body of Councillor Christopher Griffin. What was he doing there? How did he die?
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Rung out in the New Year (10 players) 
Mark Roundim's new year parties are famous. There is something there for everyone. Great food, plenty of drink, entertainment, and a host of interesting people from all walks of life. Tonight however there is also something for the police when Mark Roundim is discovered in his dressing room - dead.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 She Surprised Shakespeare! (10 players) 

William Shakespeare understood women. His plays bring to life girls falling in love, women disguising themselves as men and queens scheming for power.

As an escape from all this excitement, the ladies can chill out at The Stratford Sanctuary for Heroines. No entry is allowed for any of Shakespeare’s male characters, regardless of how rugged or romantic they might be. So how is it that one of them is in the garden – dead? That was definitely not in the script!

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Stiffed at the Speakeasy (10 players) 
Al Scapone - the Godfather of the infamous Scapone family and master criminal lies dead - gunned down in his own club! Word of this ''hit'' gets out and the whole balance of power in the city could be thrown into chaos. Al's murder needs to be resolved - and fast - to restore the credibility of the family.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Stiffen Very Carefully (10 players) 
A "must" for 'Allo 'Allo fans - this murder mystery is set in war-time France with all the slapstick plot lines you expect and love.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 T'was a death before Christmas (10 players) 
High on the hill at the edge of the village sits Mid-Trimming Manor, owned by the wealthy miser, Bob Scratchitt. The villagers were surprised when he agreed to play host to the Christmas party, but they were even more amazed when he was discovered dead in his own lounge!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Take Down at the Tate (10 players) 
It is 1931, and Ronnie MacIntosh, the famous artist, has arranged for a private art exhibition for his friends before the Tate Gallery opens his work to the public. However, when all the guests arrive MacIntosh is nowhere to be found - alive that is.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Atomic Bombshell! (10 players - murder free) 
America is in the grip of the cold war and atomic bomb research and manufacture is top of every nation's agenda. At long last the blueprints for ''The ultimate weapon'' are in the final stages and the project is nearing it's goal. Imagine the shock when the blueprints are found to be missing from Dr Van Der Boom's study.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Box Office Hit (10 players) 
It is the opening night of Hollywood's latest blockbuster film ''Undercover and Dangerous''. Unfortunately midway through their glitzy cocktail reception disaster strikes! The promotional stunt goes horribly wrong! Tom Spanks, the star of the movie, fails to materialise. On investigation, the star is not just undercover - he's dead as well!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Chinese Take-out (10 players) 

Local business owners and associates of Ting Aling have all been called together to a local Chinese restaurant in a bid to uncover the truth of this Chinese puzzle.

How did Ting Aling die? And why?

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Christmas Conundrum (10 players) 
Jacob Barley, a prominent Victorian businessman and partner of Ebenezer Stooge, has been murdered by an assailant unknown! Unable to go to either Heaven or Hell until his murder is solved, he is now stalking Limbo, where he meets a ghost policeman from the future, Detective Chief Inspector Striving Gorse, and tells him of his murder - a murder which must now be solved!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The dangerous despair of B-list superheroes (10 players) 

Not all superheroes are born with special powers to allow them to save the world. No, some superheroes don't make the news because they are blessed with special powers which are almost useless. Tonight is one of those few occasions when such individuals can truly be themselves.

But now even that has been brought to an unfortunate end by the untimely death of Bill Cody, a building contractor who has been found dead in the hotel where their gathering is taking place. Perhaps our heroes can show their mettle by solving the riddle of his death !

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Duke of Hazzards is Dead? (10 players - all girl) 
Bubba ''The Duke'' Bogg, the most wealthy and influential man in town, has been asked to judge The Cooking Club's annual cook off competition in Hazzards, Arkansas. As the members arrive at the home of their Club President, Bubba is found dead! It seems someone has cooked something up, and it's not just a plate of fried chicken!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Hound of the Biskervilles (10 players) 
Sir Charles Biskerville has been found dead in the garden of his ancestral home. There are no murder weapons and no footprints, only the paw prints of a gigantic hound some twenty yards away...
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Jolly Rogered (10 players) 
When the Captain's wife returned to their room at the Ship's Inn she found her husband had been stabbed through the heart with his very own hook!

It would seem that the late Captain was not as respected as he thought, but then his name was rather apt. The big question is, who hooked the crook??

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Last Laugh (10 players) 
Castle Comealot's jester Mr Minute, has been found dead in the castle hall, but he didn't die laughing - oh no he was murdered! You could say someone else had the last laugh.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Mama Mia Murder! (10 players) 
Mama Mia, the legendary female pop star with a string of hit records stretching back more than twenty years, has been found dead in her dressing room at a concert venue in Madrid.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Name of the Rose (10 players - murder free) 
Mother's Day in the small country village of Seven Acorns sees the culmination of a month long competition to find the ''Best Village Mother''; an honour which carries the reward of having a new hybrid rose named after the winning nominee. The winner is announced but disaster strikes! Some dastardly person has cut every single last bloom from the new bushes!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Redbud Garden Club Murder! (10 players - all girl) 
It's a dark and stormy night and The Redbud Garden Club is holding its annual plant show at the Old Grand Hotel. Just before the meeting is to begin, their keynote speaker, Mr. Seymour Diggen, noted horticulturalist, is been found dead in the conservatory.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Smashed Hits Poll Winners Murder! (10 players - all girl) 
Each year, pop stars all over the world wait eagerly for their nominations and subsequent invitations to the Annual Smashed Hits Poll Winners Party. This year has been no exception. Tensions are high already, but then disaster strikes - the presenter, Doug Beldof, is found dead in the toilets of all places!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Smashed Hits Poll Winners Murder! (10 players) 
Each year, pop stars all over the world wait eagerly for their nominations and subsequent invitations to the Annual Smashed Hits Poll Winners Party. This year has been no exception. Tensions are high already, but then disaster strikes - the presenter, Doug Beldof, is found dead in the toilets of all places!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 The Surgical Strike The Surgical Strike (10 players) 
High Gables Hospital has a good reputation. The staff are, in the main, friendly and helpful and the hospital is clean and hygienic. Unfortunately during a routine inspection of the hospital today, a problem was discovered, namely a dead body in the hospital canteen.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 They do it with pom-poms!  (10 players - all girl) 
Wavingsfield school, on the outskirts of Beverly hills boasts an award winning cheerleading squad known as ''Starburzt''. As one could expect, competition is stiff among the girls in Wavingsfield for the Starburzt squad, but no-one would have believed just how competitive it was until Nora Lyve, the newest addition to the Starburzt squad was found dead in the store room.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Thou Shalt Not Kill (10 players) 
Bosthorpe Evangelical Church has been a part of the community since 1766. Up until tonight, the church was not atypical amongst the local evangelical church community, but now it stands apart as wholly unique. There has been a murder!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Topped in the Big Top (10 players) 

Ivor Whiplash, Ringmaster and owner of the Burnem and Barley Circus, has been found lying face down in the sawdust of the Big Top with a knife in his back. His stockwhip lay by his right hand and he is undoubtedly very dead!

But who clipped his ticket?

 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Twisted at the Transylvanian (10 players) 
The Transylvanian, a popular nightclub in town, is holding its yearly anniversary party. Unfortunately, Mike Hobb, the owner of the nightclub will never get to enjoy the party as he has been found dead at the bottom of the wine cellar stairs! Was his death due to natural causes!. or was it murder?
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Who Killed Christmas? (10 players) 
Due to global warming and the receding polar ice caps, Father Christmas and his wife Mary have been forced to consider relocating their facilities. This last week has seen Santa's grotto play host to 6 ambassadors from potential countries. Unfortunately with just a few hours to go before the final decision, Mrs Christmas has been discovered dead. And not just dead, but brutally murdered!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Who Killed Cupid? (10 players) 
The impending marriage of Joan Bollins, glamorous star of stage and screen to Valentine Cupid - a mere wedding singer, has been the talk of Hollywood for months. With Joan Bollins firmly in control of the wedding the guests are ready for anything - anything that is except the groom arriving at the venue dead!
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Who Lynched Lee Prechaun? (10 players) 
Lee Prechaun, the current owner of the Prechaun Family Estate and lease holder of nearly half of the village buildings, has plans to demolish over half the village and modernise the area. The villagers call an urgent meeting but when they arrive they find that someone has already dealt with the proposal! Lee Prechaun is dead.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 You Only Die Once (10 players) 
After many years of exemplary service M (the head of MI 6) is retiring. Friends, colleagues, and even criminal masterminds have gathered to celebrate. Everyone who is anyone is there to see he gets a good send off. Well, everyone that is except Roger Damsels, 006 ¾, MI 6's top secret agent who is discovered dead in his hotel room.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
 Your Money and Your Life! (10 players) 
Due to the wrong sort of cobbles on the turnpike, the mail coach makes an extended stay at The Highwayman’s Halt. Unfortunately, whilst the passengers are thus stranded, a long stay guest is murdered and a large sum of money goes missing.
 £22.99  Buy Now 
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These games are all 10 player murder mystery games. To find out more about hosting a murder mystery dinner party for 10 people please click here:How to host a murder mystery.

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If you are looking for a different number of players, or a different ratio of male to female players in your murder mystery game then please get in touch.

If you would like a mystery game customised to your party then please contact us.

If you cannot find what you are looking for then please get in touch, new murder mystery games are being written all the time.

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01.T'was a death before Christmas (10 players)
02.Murder at Merkister Hall (10 players)
03.Midnight Malice (10 players)
04.A Bad Vintage (10 players)
05.You Only Die Once (10 players)
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